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Established 1974

When you click “Buy Gift Card,” you'll see a little box that asks, "which gift card would you like?" Click the arrow to select which one and choose, "Gift Card at 0.00 dollars"

Buy Gift Card

Then enter the amount you want. If you're not sure which amount, open another tab or window in your browser to check our rates and packages. You can use the link below:

Clear Lake programs and rates:

Or you can access the “Rates” tab from our Home Page. Hover your mouse over the "Rates" tab to see a drop down menu listing "Houston" and "Clear Lake." Choose the studio location you want and check out the prices for classes and packages. Pick the amount for your Gift Card, then fill in that amount on the form for your gift card.

Then fill in the "To" and "From" and if you want to send it in an email, click that box and fill in the email address it's going to ... otherwise you'll have the opportunity to print it to give as a gift.

Give your gift card a "Title" and then enter in your personal message, then the person's full name and then choose the style of card you would like (you can preview it after you've chosen).

Then click "Make Purchase" and follow the prompts.