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Established 1974

Friday, March 22nd – Plants Seeds Wisely

6:30 - 8:30 PM

In March, we'll continue to observe our self-talk. We'll discuss how thoughts turn into emotions, and emotions turn into action (or non-action). We'll be making seed bath products- what are we planting in our minds that will grow?

Continuing our Making Friends series, we'll discuss how to sincerely make others feel important.

At The Yoga Institute, we believe that yoga includes and yet is so much more than just the physical practice. Yoga teaches us to link physical movement with breath, concentration and awareness, allowing us to improve our health, and wholeness. In essence, yoga practiced in this way is a meditation: a powerful meeting of the body, breath, mind and spirit that has the capacity to transform your life.

Through decades of classes, practices, teachings, workshops and events, all of us at The Yoga Institute have worked together to build a pure, beautiful studio with passionate instructors and staff that share the belief that yoga not only shapes the body, but also awakens something deep inside of us.

From beginner, to the most advanced students, we know you will find the experience you desire, and a yoga home and community that is warm, and welcoming.